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(May 31, 2016)

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Top Five Reasons You Should Go See THOOOOOOR!

Part of my job as the girlfriend of a geek is to spend money on comic-book movies. The geek attends these movies as reconnaissance. If the film is not a faithful adaptation, he must be able to passionately articulate and complain about how and why it was unfaithful. Lucky for this Geek Girlfriend, the comic book movie in question is THOOOOOOR! (I can’t just say “Thor,” I have to say “THOOOOOOOOR!”) and it totally rocks. Here’s why:
1. The words "Rainbow Bridge" are in dialog, yet it's totally badass.
As a comedy writer, I would normally take the opportunity to make fun of anything named "The Rainbow Bridge.” But, I was so drawn into the world, I was thinking, “Hurry! Hurry! You’ve got to get to The Rainbow Bridge before time runs out!”
2. I'm certain Natalie Portman didn't use a double for any of the dance sequences.
Know why? Because there IS NO DANCING IN THOR!
3. Anthony Hopkins is an awesome actor even in sleep scenes.
For real, Anthony Hopkins and director Kenneth Branagh brought a nice level of gravitas to the film (possibly why I was able to overlook the whole "Rainbow Bridge" thing). Anthony Hopkins is asleep through half the scenes, and I’m still blown away.
4. It reminds parents to tell their adopted kids that they’re adopted early so they get used to the idea.
It's an especially effective cautionary tale for when one's kids are vengeful gods of the realm of Asgard.
5. Turns out Captain Kirk’s Daddy is even hotter than Captain Kirk.
Chris Hemsworth, aka THOOOOOOOORRRR, who also played Kirk’s father for about 2 minutes in the J.J. Abrams STAR TREK reboot, beefed up to underwear-model status using this super crazy, hard-core workout plan.

Shannon Corder is a writer living in Los Angeles who is definitely not thinking about getting this this costume for Halloween.

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